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How Judge Viscovich Shamelessly Dangled Child As “Hostage” to Coerce Father In Divorce Case 

Screenshot from NBC Television website showing image of Judge Viscovich after the station’s Sarah Wallace on March 22, 2022 featured my story about the judge’s egregious rulings. (This article was originally published in 2022)  It’s obnoxious and cruel that a State Supreme Court Judge, in Queens county, is dangling a seven-year-old child as hostage until...

Victim Of Foreclosure Scam, Asks Judge To Report Cassisi, Lawyer Who Filed Forged Papers To NY Attorney General

Modikhan outside her Magnolia Court home. Fighting crooked lawyers and judges who turn blind eye for 13 years now. (This story was originally published August 2023) Ashmeen Modikhan, the victim of alleged foreclosures scams, on her two properties, has asked the judge presiding over her $5 million personal injury case to report Frank Cassisi, a...


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