Tyrannical Judge Viscovich Ignores Prenup Deal and Orders Arrest of Defendant

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Dr. Mahadeo–victim of tyrant Judge Viscovich.

(This article was originally published in 2002)

The tyrannical Judge William Viscovich of State Supreme Court in Queens County today ordered the arrest of a doctor whom he’d wrongfully ordered to pay for his wife’s legal fees in a divorce proceeding, ignoring the existence of a prenuptial agreement between the couple.

Viscovich ordered the arrest of Dr. Robby Mahadeo, even after he’d seized $82,728 last week from the doctor and transferred it to Alyssa Eisner, who is Mrs. Priya Mahadeo’s lawyer. Eisner was aware of the existence of the prenuptial agreement when she was retained by Mrs. Mahadeo in 2017. 

Dr. Mahadeo insists it was wrong for the judge to order him to pay Eisner until the validity of the prenuptial agreement is determined. Ironically, Viscovich himself has set a trial date of May 9, 2022 for the prenuptial agreement.

Yet, months away from that trial, ignoring the law and due process, not only has Viscovich wrongfully ordered payment to Eisner, but today he ordered the arrest of Dr. Mahadeo. 

Who ever heard of a judge ordering payments precluded by a prenuptial agreement before trying the validity of the agreement? If we extend Viscovich’s logic, a defendant would complete a prison sentence and then be tried for an alleged crime. 

In what amounts to child abuse, Viscovich last week stripped Dr. Mahadeo of his twice-a-month visitation with his seven year old daughter—denying the child the opportunity to spend time with her father and eat ice cream and pizza. 

Dr. Mahadeo managed to stay Viscovich’s order for the payment to Eisner, pending an appeals ruling, by depositing the $82,728 with the clerk of the court last week, as I discussed in my previous column. However, Viscovich, who’s essentially acting like an advocate for Eisner, vacated the stay—without any motion by either party to the case—and he ordered that the check be cashed and transferred to Eisner. Some lawyers have expressed doubt that a judge can issue such a demand. Viscovich also ignored the fact that Eisner had filed false affidavits of service, which would have nullified his order that she be paid, according to Dr. Mahadeo. 

Viscovich last week ordered additional payments from Dr. Mahadeo, and when he went to court today the doctor brought with him an additional $106,000. Even though there’s a prenuptial agreement, Dr. Mahadeo was willing to make the payments ordered by the tyrannical judge so he could reunite with his daughter. The child must be wondering why she didn’t see her father this past Saturday. Still, Judge Viscovich, clearly abusing his power, ordered Dr. Mahedeo cuffed today. 

Dr. Mahadeo hasn’t seen two of his older children since 2017 due to an egregious decision by the judge who previously presided over this case, Margaret McGowan. After a series of articles in Black Star News exposing Judge McGowan’s biased rulings—and her several attempts to tear up the Mahadeos’ prenuptial agreement—she recused herself, but essentially made a lateral pass to Viscovich, who now presides over the case.

McGowan also recused herself from another contentious case (and yet made another ruling which I exposed in an article), Leeds v. Cholakian, and, conveniently, that case is also being presided over by her friend and colleague Judge Viscovich. And, conveniently, when Viscovich recused himself from a case in 2019, after one of the party’s in the case, Jelen v. Jelen, sued him for alleged bias, that case ended up with McGowan, who now presides over the case. 

There’s a clear conflict of interest here. Viscovich, who has clearly demonstrated his bias against Dr. Mahadeo with respect to the prenuptial agreement, must be removed from Mahadeo v. Mahadeo. He should  also be removed from Leeds v. Cholakian the case also previously heard by McGowan. In that case he also recently vacated the 50/50 parenting, of young twin girls, between the parties, in favor of the plaintiff federal immigration judge Frederic Leeds, in order to punish the defendant Siranush Cholakian. As with Mahadeo v. Mahadeo this was also done without a trial, essentially punishing the children due to the judge’s vindictiveness. 

Viscovich has also denied me access to cover recent proceedings in Mahadeo v. Mahadeo as he escalated the campaign to compel the payment to Eisner. 

The courts must be about justice and not about judges scratching each other’s back as appears to be the case here. 

The higher authorities in the courts system must look into these matters. In the political arena, as Governor Kathy Hochul runs for election for a full term, one of the issues she needs to address is out-of-control judges in the New York courts system.

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