McGowan Blackmails Husband Into Settlement, Threatening To OK $100,000 in Wife’s Legal Fees

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Bourianov outside court where he says he got no justice from Judge McGowan.

(This article, originally published in 2021, has been edited) 

Dimitri Bourianov sued for divorce on Sept. 26, 2018 after he discovered that his wife was having affairs with three different men. 

Bourianov asked Queens County State Supreme Court Judge Margaret McGowan for custody with visitation for his wife due to her “poor parental judgement.” 

While he was at work or on business trips, she’d invite her lovers to their home for sex in the living room during the day time while their children were in the bedroom. She also repeatedly left the minor children alone at home to meet her lovers.

On one occasion, one of the children stumbled into the living room while the mother was having sex with a prominent Queens real estate lawyer, Richard Lovell, whom Bourianov believes Judge McGowan is trying to protect. Bourianov discovered that the children had access to hundreds of sexually explicit e-mail messages and photos on an iPad. 

Bourianov complained that once the case came before Judge McGowan she threatened that if he didn’t agree to a 50/50 custody agreement she’d force him to pay his wife’s legal fees if the case went to trial. McGowan told Bourianov she’d let his wife file papers asking for $100,000 in attorney fees, clearly to blackmail him into a settlement. 

Bourianov says even though the children might have been traumatized by their mother’s sexual encounters in the living room, Judge McGowan made light of the encounters, reportedly saying “So, she likes sex,” and that her indiscretion didn’t affect the wife’s parenting capabilities.

Bourianov believes that Judge McGowan is compromised and shouldn’t be handling the case. In a letter to the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct, Bourianov recounted how Judge McGowan rejected his lawyer’s call for the judge to recuse herself to avoid any appearance of conflict of interest. Other lovers of Bourianov’s wife include a super in a Manhattan apartment building where the family lived in 2015; and a neighbor who lived in the same building where the Bourianovs moved to in Queens.

Just before the trial finally started on Sept. 22, 2021, Bourianov’s wife filed papers with Judge McGowan asking for $100,000 in legal fees. On the first day of trial, Judge McGowan initially blocked this reporter from her courtroom, before allowing me access in the afternoon to cover the case. 

I published the first story on the case on Oct. 8, 2021. The article detailed Bourianov’s wife’s affairs with the three lovers and Judge McGowan’s attempt to force him into the 50/50 settlement. The article also reported how McGowan denied Bourianov’s attempt to introduce e-mail messages into evidence. In one message, Bourianov’s wife was angry because one of the children was sick which prevented her from having sex with one of her paramours.

On the next court date, John Gemelli, Bourianov’s wife’s attorney, waved a copy of my article and in the courtroom and asked Judge McGowan to throw this reporter out of her courtroom. Steven P. Forbes, the attorney for the children (AFC) joined the chorus in a clearly staged and rehearsed display, claiming that since the article ranked 5th on Google, the Bourianov children—ages six and nine—could suffer harm if they randomly Googled and read the article. The absurdity of these devious grownups. 

Judge McGowan did what she’d tried to do on Sept. 22, the first day of trial. Shamelessly invoking the “welfare of the children” McGowan ordered this reporter out of her courtroom. In her mind, my articles are more harmful to the children than one of them stumbling on the mother having sex in the living room with a lover while daddy was away at work.

Following Judge McGowan’s lead, Judge Viscovich also denied this reporter access to his courtroom on Nov. 16, 2021 for a hearing on a case involving Dr. Robby Mahadeo who was treated so cruelly by the judge that NBC Television Channel 4’s Sarah Wallace later did a feature segment on my articles about the egregious rulings by Judge McGowan and sidekick Judge Viscovich. 

To conceal their abuse of power McGowan and Viscovich are throwing the first amendment out the window. 

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